And they’re back in Sydney — in case you missed it, we got not one but two shirtdresses from Meghan on this Tour Day Eleven (our coverage of which is stretching over two days here on GFY because I did not want to stay up until 3 a.m. last night). They’ve returned for the end of the Invictus Games, but also for some other stuff. Like, for example, last night, these two, per the VERY HANDY calendar at Mad About Meghan, “attend[ed] the Australian Geographic Society Awards, an annual gathering of Australia’s brightest and best in exploration, science and conservation.”  Yay exploration, science, and conservation! (You can read more about the winners here. They are all pretty rad.)

Also yay for Oscar de la Renta — which Meghan loves, and frankly so do I. It feels apt, given the event, that this dress has little tiny birds on it and also feels a bit like a cloud.

I’ve got some tweets for you:

We’ve got this dress in motion:

And a portion of Harry’s speech:

Also, per Emily Andrews, “Harry quoted from his father prince Charles about the environment: ‘It is going to take every single one of us to stop the clock on the destruction of our planet, and time is not on our side.’” Heather has told me that when she was a kid growing up in England, Charles got a lot of teasing in the press about his devotion to environmental issues, but he really was an early adoptor for this cause. I’m sure he’s proud to see his kids spreading the word.

[Photos: Paul Edwards/PA Images/, PA Images/, and James D. Morgan/Getty Images for Australian Geographic via Oscar de la Renta]