I have notes:

a. I love Leighton Meester and I have ALWAYS thought she should be just as famous as Blake Lively. (I do have to note that I find Blake Lively fairly effective as an actress, so that is not a dig at Blake as much as it is a compliment to Leighton.)

b. I have concerns that the TV show she’s in — Single Parents – isn’t going to be great, but I will say that she wears a great blue blazer in the pilot that vaguely reminds me of this Chanel knock-off I got from J.Crew in like 2008 and always think of fondly when I see it in my closet. (I still wear it, it’s just very warm so I don’t get to wear it THAT often.) So at least that aspect of it fills me with warmth.

c. This patterns looks the like wallpaper a rich woman would use on her dinning room in 1984 (including ceiling) and that is actually a HUGE compliment from me.

d. This whole thing could have SO EASILY gone Sister Wife Hits the Town, but I think it might just be a plain old hit? (I actually think she’s selling it in a way I would not have guessed just by looking at its product page at Matches.) THOUGHTS?

[Photo: DARA KUSHNER/INSTARimages.com]