Viola is promoting Widows, a.k.a. Ocean’s Unspecified Number — it’s about a bunch of women planning a heist after their husbands are killed on a botched one, and I gather Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl wrote the screenplay based on an ITV series. Okay, Informative Caption, you can go now. Thank you for your service.

Anyhoo, this was the UK premiere of the film. I love Viola in power red, I love Viola in body-con stuff, and I love Viola’s arms. But somehow in this dress, all three of those rights make a wrong. I think it’s just too tight on her, specifically on her boobs; because of the way that specific fabric catches the light, it really seems to exacerbate this. The mono-sleeve seems sort of clumsily executed, as if the designer was like, “What else can I do? HA HA, sure, whatever, lop that off, DONE,” but honestly changing it to have two or none wouldn’t fix the core problem of the fabric and the tailoring. That’s okay, though.Even the Dodgers lineup can’t hit home runs on every plate appearance, and they’re well-paid to make that their focus, so we can’t expect Viola to bat a thousand.