First, a belated thank you to those of you who are NOT into royal fashion-watching, because I know the blog has been bursting with it this week. Meghan and Harry’s exceedingly ambitious royal tour — although, you don’t fly that far and long if you’re not going to make the most of it, I say — and the Waxima state visit have meant we’re overflowing with posts about the whole UK crew. We very much appreciate you standing by.

Next, here is Cynthia Erivo, in a photo from a press conference that might have taken place a month ago but which was just released on our wire service? If you’d seen it already elsewhere, that might explain why. (If you’ve seen it already here, then I need to get my head checked.) This is just expansively wacky, and expensively so I guess. I honestly think she needs to go all the way and carry a basket in the crook of her arm that’s overflowing with apples, or flowers, or somesuch, as she skips through the forest on her way to granny’s doomed cabin. But to bring it full circle, you know who I think would appreciate this? Maxima. And honestly, as much as it’s costumey, with the fur cuffs and her smile and complete confidence… I might actually love this. Here and now and on very few other people, true, but I think I’m HERE FOR IT in a big way.

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