Olivia Munn showed up at the event fully dressed for A Moment. She’s clad in fresh Prabal Gurung, a fall-color neon version of this springy green frock from the 2019 runway, styled from top to toe. I quite like the sweater, but the skirt isn’t coming together for me — nor, it seems, for her right leg. This all might be in danger of overshadowing her, but I appreciate that she did it up to the nines. She came for the trend pieces.

I’m not exactly sure what Ariel Winter did.

A Time for Heroes Family Festival 2018

I mean, it’s a strong possibility she tucked an old nightie into some sawn-off thrift-store jeans, but I don’t think anyone’s going to put out a press release to confirm it. I’m fairly sure the invitation didn’t say, “Dress code: Oh, just… whatever,” but one never knows.

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