This is at least the third time I know of recently that SWINTON has chosen Schiaparelli: In Venice, she wore a poppy-hued animal print with matching shoes AND gloves, and then we had the hot pink bow-legged pants of insanity, and now this one. Like the first but UNLIKE the second, it’s unchanged from the runway (yes, even the gloves), except for the shoes; she picked one that plays off the pale blue, and it works, but I actually think the runway booties — which match the patterned sleeve — were more fluid with it. Still, it’s a striking dress, in its elegant weirdness, but… I am still laughing at the kelly-green gloves. They make no sense, and yet I’m not sure it would have jumped out at me as much without them, so does that mean their mission has been accomplished? Are they an accessory living its most complete life? Or is Chronic Kermit Syndrome a disaster I should not minimalize?

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]