Joni Mitchell has had some dramatic health problems in recent years — there was a brain aneurysm in 2015 from which she’s been slowly recovering, for example – and so she did not walk the red carpet for her birthday concert in Los Angeles. But she did sit front-row, and apparently came out on stage to reprise “Big Yellow Taxi” with some soft vocals and some help. It sounded like a great concert, and I say that as someone who hasn’t historically listened to a ton of Joni Mitchell but who cries every time “Both Sides Now” comes on because Emma Thompson in Love, Actually, made me feel it in my bones. Seal sang it at this concert and it was pretty good; his upper register is perfect for it. I don’t usually link to bootlegs, but this was a two-nights-only, rapidly sold-out affair, not a Broadway show or anything, so: please enjoy.

[Photos: WENN, Rex/Shutterstock]