In fairness, Charles Melton did not deviate much from black — he wore navy to the Academy gala on Sunday — but it was at least a little vacation. I wish he’d go full Jon Bernthal someday but Charles did at least pick something visually interesting here for this event, at which the Critics Choice organization celebrated the work of Black, Latino, and AAPI artists. We’ve got folks from The Color Purple but again no actual purple, plenty of red, some mustard, even one neon green ensemble.

Sidebar: The Critics Choice folks also released their TV nominations. The Morning Show was… heavily present, for… Reasons! I yelped with glee at Bridget Everett from Somebody, Somewhere, being on the list. Ron Cephas Jones is posthumously nominated for Truth Be Told. Tom Hiddleston, Pedro Pascal, and Timothy Olyphant — favorites of the Internet’s loins! — will all go up against each other. I thought Martin Short threaded a wonderful needle on Only Murders this season and am VERY sad he didn’t get a nod, but at least Steve Martin did (and of course Meryl because I think it’s in the bylaws of the universe that if she does something, you have to nominate it; she’s also probably up for a Grammy for whatever she sang in the shower this summer). I don’t think the film nominations are out yet; judging by when they did it last year, we still have another week to go on those.

[Photos: JC Olivera/Getty Images, Kayla Oaddams/WireImage]