That’s a pretty boring headline; I’m sorry. But this shouldn’t be a terribly boring post, at least from a visual standpoint, because Cate brought us some sparkle and shine by two designers that aren’t as frequently seen. In an age where so many people yoke themselves to a specific fashion house, I love that not everyone is quite so married. SLEEP AROUND, Y’ALL. Sartorially. (Or whatever. Live your lives.)

Anyhoo: I like this. It’s unusual and it’s so eye-catching, and colorfully metallic. It works, and specifically works on Cate, although I admit to having a few reservations once I get up close:

13th Rome Film Fest - The House With A Clock In Its Walls - Premiere

One COULD fear that this dress was made when the designer accordion-pleated a car sun-shade.

For an earlier event, she picked a suit by Acne Studios:

13th Rome Film Fest

And I think it makes the other dress look even better. The cut of the pants leaves me cold, the shirt color makes me think of jaundice, and the trail of giant jewelled brooches seems vaguely fungal. It’s a couple degrees off from her usual fierceness, as if said fierceness woke up feverish and pretty sure it was coming down with the flu, but was unable or unwilling to skip work. I appreciate the effort, but it should go home, take some vitamin C, and nap in front of a Law & Order marathon.

[Photos: WENN]