Welcome to a Middle of the Night Post! (Well, if you live in the U.S.; if you’re Down Under, welcome to a Coming Right Up On The Evening Hours Post.) This is a pretty chill Sussex update today, as we come to the end of our Saturday and they roll into dinnertime on Sunday. The pace of this royal tour was always set to be grueling even for a non-pregnant person, so it’s not surprising that Meghan and Harry today released word she’ll be scaling back her appearances here and there due to the need for a little rest. Indeed, on Day 6 she got to sleep in and eat chocolate chip pancakes (I mean, I’m projecting, but let’s assume it’s true) while Harry took in some of the Invictus Games, and she later joined him for a reception with some of the athletes and their families. On Monday, the current plan is reportedly for them to fly to Fraser Island together but have him go it alone at the appearances, and as we move into the Fiji and Tonga portions of the itinerary it’s expected that she might pull back as well. (I think those are also possibly the Zika areas, so this might be for the best?)  I can’t say I blame them for this — how Meghan will feel in a given day is probably a complete dice roll, and I’d be protective and proactive, too, in her shoes. One cannot argue anything other than what a trouper she’s been.

But! We did get her today, however briefly, and in casualwear. As of press time, Meghan’s Mirror’s best guess on the jeans are that they’re either another Outland Denim pair, or a black pair of the Mother Looker jeans she favors. The shoes are her Aquazurras, the blazer is a cute pin-stripe number from L’Agence (which, FYI, someone is selling on The RealReal for $75), and the purse — which reminds me of Kate Spade — is a crossbody from Aussie brand Oroton. They also took in the sailing:

Embed from Getty Images

“WE’RE ON A BOAT, YO!” (Her sunnies are Krewe’s Gravier style, possibly via Club Monaco. She probably also switched to flats or tennies, but I haven’t seen them yet. EDIT: Indeed she did; these very cute Vejas.) (Also if there is an ad over any of that photo, it is not ours and we can’t control it; it’s Getty’s ad, and it’s the price for us being able to embed it here. Just click the X to get rid of it.)

One of the hallmarks of the tour this far has been… let’s call it consistency. Meghan wore three blue dresses and a couple black ones; she’s brought out the same trench twice; and when something more laid-back is required, she’s thrice turned to jeans and a blazer: When she arrived she pulled out this same turtleneck (probably) but with a maroon-ish blazer, and on Day 2 in Dubbo she wore similar black jeans to these — maybe even the same — and the Serena Williams blazer. And now here we are. If this were Project Runway, Nina Garcia would call it cohesive, and we’d all nod while secretly wondering if that’s code for, “Needs more variety.”

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]