So. Saturday was VERY busy for these two. First, they attended an event at Sydney’s ANZAC Memorial, then did a quick change for some sporty shenanigans with cute sunglasses, then came back and changed AGAIN for a reception marking the opening of the Invictus Games, and the Opening Ceremony, at which Harry gave a speech about his baby (not wholly). And I hope you’re sitting down, because Harry DID NOT wear a blue suit! (He did, however, wear a blue tie that coordinated with Meghan’s blue Stella McCartney dress, which looks very similar to her OTHER blue Stella McCartney dress, because I believe it IS the same dress.) We didn’t get a TON of pics from these portions of the event, but I bring you what I can!

And as ever in such cases, Twitter — and the very hard-working royals reporters on the ground — to the rescue:

As someone who used to recap The X-Files, it truly pleases me that Meghan wore one of Gillian Anderson’s coats. From one actress whose show used to shoot in Canada to another!

In other news, this photo is absolutely amazing:

I just learned on Mad About Meghan – a great site, which I recommend you add to your rotation — that the Sydney Opera House was officially opened by the Queen literally 45 years ago on the same date as this event, at the same venue.

And something about this photo in particular is very sweet and poignant and supportive; Harry’s had to do all these tours on his own until now and there is something really touching to me to see that he’s got someone 100% on his side now. (I’ve decided that I also like the idea that Meghan gave notes after his practice speech. “This is great, SUPER touching, I find you incredibly handsome, you’re doing a wonderful job, BUT you keep missing your mark and don’t forget to find your light, sweetie.”) I’m sure they’re also thinking about just how much has happened in the year since she made her Royal Girlfriend Debut at last year’s opening ceremony. Life moves pretty fast, as our great American philosopher Ferris Bueller once said.

 [Photos:  Doug Peters/PA Images/, BRENDON THORNE/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock]