GREETINGS! First, a little housekeeping update: We’re still in the midst of migrating the site, which means — and I am very sorry about this — that we’re probably going to lose the comments on this post between now and when the migration is done, because they’re going to get eaten in the transfer.  I considered waiting until Monday to post these snaps so we could preserve the comments on the post — but eventually decided you probably care more about eyeballing Meghan’s look than you do about one of your comments being lost to the winds of change. Truly, isn’t all conversation ephemeral?

ANYWAY all that thrilling logistical info out of the way: Meghan did in fact, as predicted, show up for Harry’s big Invictus Games Opening, although she did not sit in the same section as he did. (He was with Melania and the Trudeaux; she was with a mutual friend a few sections over with one of Harry’s protection officers, presumably boring holes in the back of his head with her loving eyeballs.) I do not exactly know what she is wearing. I mean, it’s obviously not, like, hotpants with tiny little hot dogs printed on them, or a disco ball tied to her head, or anything, but…you know. It’s hard to determine EXACT details when someone is mostly sitting down. Reports from the field indicate that this is a maxi-dress and reports from my eyes indicate that her little leather jacket is CUTE (it’s by a brand called Mackage, it’s still available FOR NOW and I decided that it’s a shoutout to our recent post about how we love little jackets).


Luckily, other people are on this:

I approve! Although I’m concerned that those are beige shoes. Meghan, Meghan. No. YOU’RE supposed to talk Kate into more interesting shoes, not let Kate talk you into more BORING ONES. Having said that: Those shoes do seem to make sense with this outfit, so I will allow them, and I’m sure she’s super relieved.

I also suspect we’ll see her at an event later this week where it makes more sense for them to sit next to each other, thus giving me more opportunities to scream “MAKE OUT” at them, internally. I look forward to this.

[Photos: Backgrid, Getty]