By Fug Nation Request — and, indeed! What better time to be thinking, “do I need a light jacket?” than mid-September. The light jacket time is swift and short for so many of you. Gather them while ye may!

I personally used to turn to J Crew for my Light Jacket Needs, and my favorite one from there is a safari jacket that they don’t really sell anymore, which is dumb. It has SO many pockets, so it’s good for travel, and it’s fairly chic for casual wear (you can also do that thing where you throw it over something fancier and look like a cool style star), and I wish they still made it — this one from Madewell is very similar, though.  I also own this jacket, although mine is navy, and it hits that I Want a Barbour Jacket But Don’t Want to Pay For One thing. I have a very very VERY old J Crew jacket that’s a blatant Chanel rip-off and it’s glorious and of wonderful, old school J Crew quality and they don’t make it anymore, but I’ve included a similar one down in the widget.

And, of course, the Queen of the Light Jacket is the denim jacket. My denim jacket is literally 20 years old and it’s from a brand that no longer exists and when I have to buy a new one, I will cry. That said, Madewell also has one pretty similar that might fill that void. Now that I think about it, my leather moto jacket — bought after literally years of looking for one that I liked — is also from Madewell. Am I secretly really into Madewell?!

This post is NOT sponsored by Madewell.

Anyway, I picked out a bunch of cute and hopefully wearable light jackets for you here, and, as ever, welcome your Light Jacket Suggestions in the comments!

(If the widget isn’t showing up above, a quick refresh should fix you right up.)

As a general housekeeping note: This is not a sponsored post. Our light jacket allegiances are ours alone. Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you click through. I can assure you that all light were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking coffee and watching Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.