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GQ interviewed Matt Maxey, who is the American Sign Language translator for Chance the Rapper, and it’s a really good article.

This is delightful, at the New York Times: An Insider’s Account of Manolo Blahnik

This is a very interesting piece at Lainey about KJ Apa’s car accident this week; I feel like there is no way this ends without WB agreeing to provide cast and crew transport going forward. (Which, honestly, they ought to.)

At Town & Country: SO MANY FALL COCKTAILS. I’ll take one of each, please!

You want to hear Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford performing “Move On” from Sunday in the Park With George. [NPR]

Also at Lainey, Darren Aronofsky and J Law are getting a bit exhausting. (Well, he’s EXTREMELY exhausting and I think she’s become exhausting by association).

I KNOW you want to read Variety’s post-Emmys interview with Sterling K Brown.

The New Yorker’s obituary of Lillian Ross, the amazing journalist who just died at 99, is so worth your time. (Definitely click through and read some of the linked pieces she wrote, and god bless The New Yorker for making sure their archives are online.)

The Cut brings us The Story Behind the Greatest Internet Recipe Comment of All Time. She stole her husband, but could never master her brownies.

This is the kind of headline that appeals to me. At Pajiba: The Terrible Truth Behind Sydney’s Murderous Scorned Women

Vulture’s interview with Lena Waithe is so, so great.

Via Celebitchy: Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne have broken up. We were literally JUST talking about them. (Fun fact: I just saw him having dinner at Terroni last week. He seemed fine! I mean, he wasn’t crying into his pasta or anything.)


The New Potato has a lovely new redesign, and also talked to Chloe Sevigny about the way she takes her martinis.