First up, a note: This weekend is the Invictus Games, and Meghan Markle is expected to show up at some point to support Harry. Whether she’ll be attending the opening ceremony on Saturday or just popping up at events over the upcoming week, I do not know. HOWEVER: Due to an unavoidable confluence of things, we here at GFY may be migrating the site to a new host over this weekend, which means that I might not be able to update in a timely a fashion as I normally world. If she shows up — or god forbid they announce their engagement while the back-end of the site is locked, please don’t do that to me, Harry!! — I promise I will post about it as soon as I am technologically able to do so. Having said all of this, it may work out totally fine; cross your fingers! I am doing everything I can to be as timely as possible, because I’m going to want to talk about it too. (Regardless: We will also OBVIOUSLY always be available at our Twitter, and on our Facebook page, and at our Instagram.)

ANYWAY. In the slideshow, we’ve got Much Maxima — Maximum Maxima! — as well as cute plaid skirts, a nice chair, and an explosion of patterns from Belgium.

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Speaking of Meghan Markle, the BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEE?!?!?!!? Prize this week goes to her ex-husband, who just sold a comedy pilot to FOX about what it would be like if your ex-wife married a prince and you had to share custody of the kids with the Royal Family. My feeling is that the interesting point of view in THAT story is (a) Markle’s (obviously) or (b) THE KIDS. That’s your angle: It’s a series in which your mom marries a prince and you have to get shuttled between the palace and your dad; you can make the Normal Ex-Husband Dad super sympathetic in that iteration if that’s so important to you WHICH IT OBVIOUSLY IS. I came up with this note in like two seconds.  But, no, we definitely need more shows about beleaguered dudes! DEFINITELY what’s missing from the landscape right now are stories about how SOME DUDE feels about what a woman he knows is doing with her life now that he’s not the center of it anymore. Because when the only people pitching and producing and greenlighting shows are dudes, of course those dudes are like, “what I really care about is how the random tertiary DUDE feels.” (I had a really hissyfit of a tweetstorm about this earlier. Obviously I have a bias here but also COME ON.) [Deadline]

Wills is People’s cover story this week, and they have an interesting bit about how the Queen is training him to be King one day.

The Express reports that Meghan and Harry will move into Clarence House when Charles and Camilla move into Buckingham Palace when Charles is King, and I kind of buy it. I’ve read people shooting this down because they think Camz might need Clarence House to live when Chaz kicks it and she’s Queen Step-Mother, but (a) she has her own country house that I suspect she’d probably rather live in should that happen, and (b) she could always live at Highgrove.

At Vanity Fair: Prince William Proves He Has a Sense of Humor About His Hair

Lots of Wills news this week (because he did a lot of engagements): Prince William asks whether Britain should legalize drugs. (I saw some chatter about how this question was INAPPROPRIATE!!! but it seems like a perfectly reasonable question to me.)

Kate is still home barfing, but there WAS a new video of her released this week, talking about mental health. [What Kate Wore]

Daily Break spoke to Claudia Joseph, the author of a new book about Kate’s wardrobe, who shared that she wishes Kate “would be more adventurous” in her shoes and DON’T WE ALL.

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