Today’s events opened with a surprise visit to the opening of an annex of Sydney’s ANZAC Memorial — well, a surprise to me, as this event was embargoed; it was not a surprise to Harry and Meghan.  Also, “the opening of an annex” seems very understated — apparently, this was a $40 million extension to the previous ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park. It looks really interesting, too, and the building is stunning. (You know I love museums and the museum-adjacent, like memorials. I also love history and I like sculpture, so I’m going to put this on my To Do list for Sydney.)

Clothing wise: It’s nice to get a military uniform from Harry! (I feel like Meghan probably also thought that when he came out of his dressing room doing up his cuffs or whatever.) This time, it’s the tropical iteration of his Blues and Royals uniform, complete with the new gold aiguillettes that he gets because Her Maj recently made him a Personal Aide-de-Camp. (Those are those fancy gold ropes he’s wearing — you’re familiar with them because Wills has had them for a while, and obviously Charles is overwhelmed with Fancy Gold Ropes.) Meghan, on the other hand, is wearing Emilia Wickstead, and I think this dress is SO pretty and elegant on her. (It is for sale in white, but the black is bespoke.) Wickstead is from New Zealand, and of course “ANZAC” stands for “Australia and New Zealand Army Corps,” so that it undoubtedly intentional. The hat is Philip Treacy — of course! Please, one of you buy it and wear it to work  — and she’s trotting about on these Tabitha Simmons heels.

These events are always so touching to me:

I also read that they played Diana’s favorite hymn at this event, one that was sung at both her wedding and her funeral, and honestly, if I were Meghan I would have cried through this entire thing. (Harry did look somewhat emotional, but it’s always hard to tell from still pics if a person is stifling a sneeze or what.)

A note: As you’ve probably noticed, we’re mostly breaking our coverage of these events into two posts, due to the time difference and that will DEFINITELY happen with today’s events, because the evening portion of the calendar doesn’t even kick off until like 2 a.m. in Los Angeles. We’ll be covering the tour all weekend, so come back if you get bored! While I’m here, I want to give a special shout-out to Meghan’s Mirror, which is (along with the many royal fashion experts!) invaluable for me in writing these posts.

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