It’s a big day for Harry and Meghan today! First, they had an event at the ANZAC Memorial, then they changed SUPER quickly, hopped on a boat, and got the Invictus Games shenanigans underway, in advance of the opening ceremony. I considered holding this post for tomorrow, and then I thought…no. It’s a Friday night (here). No better time than a Middle of the Night post, especially one with cute sunglasses.

Therefore, please join me as I dive into the second of what will be THREE posts about Day Five of this here tour: Meghan’s wardrobe change upon this day consists of black jeans from MOTHER (coincidentally, I am ALSO wearing MOTHER jeans while I write this, although mine are these, which I bought because…of Meghan, also, actually), and this kinda great Altuzarra blazer, which I guess they don’t have in white anymore. I appreciate that this tour has been blazer-y thus far. (A blazer is good at sort of concealing whatever might be percolating in your midsection if you want to do that.) But what I really want are her sunglasses. THEY ARE SO CUTE.

This portion of the festivities was at a place called Cockatoo Island, which is in the middle of Sydney Harbor. I just learned that it’s a UNESCO Heritage Site, “recognised [along with ten others] as collectively representing the best surviving evidence of the large-scale convict transportation and forced labour used to support European colonial expansion.” It seems like there’s a lot to do there now — I was going to compare it to Alcatraz, because it’s so close to the city, but it seems much larger, and Cockatoo Island now has camping and vacation homes and hosts a big New Year’s Eve do, and whatnot, while Alcatraz is wholly focused on the island prison-aspect of the story.

And of course, Harry spent part of this event racing radio-controlled cars with children. Gotta get your sportsfaces warmed up!

I’ll be back tomorrow with Opening Ceremony coverage! See you then. Dream of cute sunglasses.

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