Who Fugged It More: Rashida Jones vs. Michelle Dockery

These ladies didn’t wear the same dress from the Prada collection that had faces plastered all over everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t compare. Michelle’s had the face down on the bottom half of her dress; Rashida’s is more… everywhere:

Dockery wins the hair battle, thanks to Rashida’s apparent feud with grooming products. Neither bodice is particularly appealing to me — both flatten them out, although Rashida’s might be a shade more criminal. Dockery’s looks like the face was concussed by a bag of Skittles; this one looks like the Wizard of Starburst is ripping out her memories and replacing them with an ad for an iPod Shuffle. Dockery’s had shape, but it also sliced her across the chest more; this one looks like a pillow case with cat ears. At least Rashida handily wins the shoe battle — those are awesome — but as for the rest… I might not be able to pick a winner, because that would imply even a modicum of favoritism one way or the other, and that simply won’t do.

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[Photo: WENN]

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Comments (24):

  1. KateA

    Feud with grooming products! dying here.

  2. Heather S

    Ok Dockery’s is more flattering, but Rashida’s is cuter, so they both win but for different catagories.

  3. swellcatt

    The construction on Michelle’s doesn’t gell with me. This one makes more sense with the kind of whimsical fantasy print. I like Rashida’a better and I think she has more of the personality to pull it off. Or it could be that just like Anne Perkins, she’s a beautiful tropical fish.

    • Kate

      Yeah, I’m giving it to Rashida because it seems to suit her personality. Whether that’s a good thing or not is a different question!

  4. Ailatan

    Rashida looks like she’s just wrapped around a very pretty beach towel, she wins the cute smile award. Sorry, Lady Mary.

    • ¬†sarah

      Yes–I was trying to think what this looked like and you hit it right on. It really looks like she is wearing a bikini with a towel wrapped around her. I think the print is actually really fun and would like this if the construction of the top was not so strange.

  5. proteanlives

    So, it appears the skittles wielding leprechauns sprayed the rainbow in my brain, and I’m confused about what I just voted for. Was I voting for the worst of the two (who fugged it more?), or the best of the two? I think Lady Mary pulled it off better because of the better fit and now I’ll go eat a skittle.

  6. Rachael

    I think this whack-a-doo design seems right up Rashida Jones’s style alley. So I think she’s working it better. It seems more “her.” And those shoes she is wearing are amazing. If she had jushed brushed her hair, I’d say she’s fab, but her hair is a little lazy.

  7. jerkygirl

    Rashida’s has a fun, funky vibe and Michelle’s looks like it’s trying to be elegant, but failing, + fabulous orange pumps trump whatever Michelle was sporting (I have forgotten them since I closed the tab so I guess they bored me) so I vote Rashida for this. Also, “the Wizard of Starburst is ripping out her memories and replacing them with an ad for an iPod Shuffle” is my new favorite sentence. :D

    • Kristabelle

      I came here to say all of that, and especially that last part about the Wizard of Starburst…iPod shuffle!!!!!

  8. ohsohappy

    Rashida! Definitely. Scrolldown FAB!

  9. Alicia

    Rashida’s seems to be strapless and glued onto her boobs. That’s not good.

  10. mattiesmom

    What is with her hair ?!

    • Moni

      I’ve been wondering exactly that for some time now.
      I don’t know if her hair is naturally very greasy or if it’s actually dry and frizzy and she has put too many products in it to make it straight – whatever the case she always looks to me as if her hair is in desperate need of being washed.

      I also wonder why she doesn’t get a different haircut then. One that helps lift the hair from the scalp a litte, so that it doesn’t look so plastered on.

      Rashida, please find a good hair stylist! You are so pretty, don’t let your hair ruin that!

  11. Kate

    I hate them both, but Rashida’s looks like a nightie I owned when I was a preteen, while at least Michelle’s looks like it’s meant to be worn out of the house. Honestly, though, looking marginally more dressed isn’t really a win, and the hideous “1970s Recreation Department ad” aesthetic of Dockery’s is really not doing it for me. All it needs is the words “Teen Dance” and the address of the local arena plastered across it in Bauhaus to complete the effect.

  12. Callie

    I think Rashida wins for me because she looks slightly embarrassed at wearing it.

  13. Livvie93

    I like Rashida’s hair! :/

  14. Haiku4U

    Apparently I prefer cat-ear boobs. All I can see when I look at M.D. is Mickey Mouse ears sticking creepily out of the bosom.

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      Yup, I don’t like that bodice top either. I voted Rashida for that reason alone.

  15. Tiffany

    I like Rashida’s. There is volume in the dress, but the skinny straps and the bare shoulders and legs keep it from overwhelming her. Plus, I LOVE the shoes!

  16. Gypsy Danger

    I like her shoes.

  17. Sajorina

    I rather wear Rashida’s outfit than Michelle’s! The shoes sell it!

  18. fritanga

    No. NO. I will never rag on either of these women, even if they are adorned with staring bits of ’60s icons Edie Sedgwick and Peggy Moffat. They are too beautiful, too dear, too lovely to slag off for ANY reason. They are forever slag-proof.