These ladies didn’t wear the same dress from the Prada collection that had faces plastered all over everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t compare. Michelle’s had the face down on the bottom half of her dress; Rashida’s is more… everywhere:

Dockery wins the hair battle, thanks to Rashida’s apparent feud with grooming products. Neither bodice is particularly appealing to me — both flatten them out, although Rashida’s might be a shade more criminal. Dockery’s looks like the face was concussed by a bag of Skittles; this one looks like the Wizard of Starburst is ripping out her memories and replacing them with an ad for an iPod Shuffle. Dockery’s had shape, but it also sliced her across the chest more; this one looks like a pillow case with cat ears. At least Rashida handily wins the shoe battle — those are awesome — but as for the rest… I might not be able to pick a winner, because that would imply even a modicum of favoritism one way or the other, and that simply won’t do.

You decide:

  • I'll pick Michelle's (35%, 1,658 Votes)
  • I'll take Rashida's (26%, 1,229 Votes)
  • No. I just can't. I won't. I can't tacitly endorse one just by disliking the other slightly more. (36%, 1,696 Votes)
  • I can't... because they both complete me, SO THERE. (3%, 151 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,734

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[Photo: WENN]