Unfug or Fab: Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock really seems to be in a “black outfit/strappy black heels” rut (in addition to this, she also wore this recently to promote this movie). Which certainly is better than a “rubber pants/tube top” rut, but nonetheless, a rut is what it is.

Often she looks foxy in these getups, but after a while they have a sameness — those other two have nearly identical shoes; one has a leather skirt like this; the other has lacy bits kind of like the motif here — and so I just get tired. And when I get tired, I get picky: For a leather dress, this one seems weirdly baggy in parts, but then possibly too tight in others. It also isn’t supporting her very well and I think high-rise shoes like that look better with a shorter skirt — and in fact, she herself would look better if she hemmed it a bit and, as a bonus, got to show off her legs, which we all know are great. And on top of that, the hair is a little chicken-fried. Sandy, you are better than anything that can be purchased in a bucket with a side of mashed potatoes. Please remember that. It would be a great yoga mantra.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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  1. Nanny

    It’s not the worst ever, it just looks like it should be so much cooler. If I saw that on the rack (or model) would think it’s a rockin’ frock, but it just isn’t as cool as it should be. I don’t even mind the hair, but just because I think it matches a rockin type look.

  2. Leigh

    The shoes are too strappy, they cut her legs off in weird places and make her look stumpy. This would have looked better with plain black pumps.
    Also, she needs to raise the hem just a smidge.

    •  ErinG

      Wholeheartedly agree – the shoes are definitely the worst part of this outfit for me. Maybe without the two highest ankle straps, they would have been better, but they just push this from “meh” to “trashy” IMO.

  3. Jennifer B

    This feels very 90s to me…

  4. Kate

    I actually really like this! Although, I do agree that the fit could be better. Leather dresses are tough.

    • Cas

      I like it too, and i’m struggling with that. I see exactly what isn’t working with it, and yet I like, why?! I agree that her looks this tour have been so same-y, I’m wondering if she’s working with Jennifer Aniston’s people. I F’ing loved what she wore to the london premier.

  5. Ellen

    The dress is just too shiny and leathery to have it not fit perfectly…

  6. Sandra

    Oh honey. As one mid-60s-born Sandra to another, HELL NO! You’re out in public in Elvira’s Spanx slip. Wash that biker-chick chic right off the way you washed the biker dude right out of your hair. You deserve “sophisticated and sexy” rather than “sexy but skanky”.

  7. Susan

    Leave Sandra alone!

    (crawls back under blanket with flashlight)

  8. Bella

    This is so, so bad, head to toe. She must be having some sort of identity crisis.

    • Aphy

      I agree. I love her to pieces, but she is so much cuter than this outfit.

  9. Mongerel

    I gave this the flame-side treatment. Not because there is anything particularly bad about the woman or the clothing, but because all it needed was a big HOIK. I could have fixed that with two small daubs of gorillaglue on the straps, clothespin overnight, and voilá! No more disturbing sternum.

  10. CakesOnAPlane

    well, I liked it a lot better when I thought it was gold embroidery and not sheer lace cutouts. I really didn’t need to see that much of her right breast.

  11.  HelenBackAgain

    Lift up the top about an inch and tailor it to fit, hem it to mid-knee-length, do a similar but this time polished and deliberate-looking hairstyle (or just pull it back, sleekly), and we’re done here. She’d look great.

  12. Rowynn

    Four or five inches off the hem of that dress, and her hair in a nice updo, and I think we’d all be a lot happier. I know I would, and I say that as someone who decries leather clothing.

  13. Carol

    Pull the neckline up and support the girls … and shorten the length … and this could be pretty okay … not fabulous, but much closer to okay.

  14. Claire1

    If we could take the hem up two inches, turn it into a skirt, get rid of the shoes and give her a more conservative blouse…this would take her into sexy/edgy/but with a hint of decorum territory.
    I like the idea of strappy shoes, but these are too much.
    AND does no one else remember the rule about skirt hems????
    They go just above the knee, or just below….but NEVER stop at the widest part of the calves… EVER…those of us with work out legs end up looking stumpy.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I remember that hem rule. I wish more actresses would. Even on the very best legs, it’s still better just a tad above or below the widest part of the calf. Not right at it.

  15. Goldfish

    This leather trend of hers is worrying me, because in college I had some very nice leather pants that were my go-to, and then they became my default, because you could pair anything with them, dress them up or down with top or shoe choice — just seemed ideal.

    Until my BFF told me I was almost becoming “that girl with the leather pants,” and said that the next step would be that I would be reffered to as just “Miss Leather Pants” behind my back.

    My point is, this CAN happen when you are dealing with dressy leather. I do NOT want that for Sandy. I need for her to back away slowly.

  16. Elle

    I agree that her last several outfits have had a sameness about them-and not in a good way. To me this entire getup, including hair and makeup suggests she is depressed. And the last several outfits, including the purple thingy and the other black thingy, have conveyed the same sense of “not happy”.

  17. Zed

    I’m with the majority here. A disaster, but not by that much – a bit of hoicking and shortening, different shoes and unskanky hair and it would be at least ok.

  18. Vandalfan

    Too much cheese grater sternum, the bodice sits too low. Too much material, leather should be short or it’s just a used seat cover from a Chrysler Cordoba. Too much shoe, those belong with something plain and sporty, this dress calls for something snazzy like a peep-toe or sling-back.

  19. PigsInSpace

    If you have a crush on her at all, watch this morning’s interview with Matt Lauer. She’s still got her trademark charm, even if her clothes are a bit off at times.

  20. Lily1214

    I think the shoes are what’s wrong with this outfit. I really like the dress but the shoes belong with another dress, not this one.

  21. Sajorina

    I don’t understand the bracelet, but I love the outfit and think she looks FABULOUS!!!