Sandra Bullock really seems to be in a “black outfit/strappy black heels” rut (in addition to this, she also wore this recently to promote this movie). Which certainly is better than a “rubber pants/tube top” rut, but nonetheless, a rut is what it is.

Often she looks foxy in these getups, but after a while they have a sameness — those other two have nearly identical shoes; one has a leather skirt like this; the other has lacy bits kind of like the motif here — and so I just get tired. And when I get tired, I get picky: For a leather dress, this one seems weirdly baggy in parts, but then possibly too tight in others. It also isn’t supporting her very well and I think high-rise shoes like that look better with a shorter skirt — and in fact, she herself would look better if she hemmed it a bit and, as a bonus, got to show off her legs, which we all know are great. And on top of that, the hair is a little chicken-fried. Sandy, you are better than anything that can be purchased in a bucket with a side of mashed potatoes. Please remember that. It would be a great yoga mantra.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]