I completely sympathize with this outfit’s existence:

It is awful — like the mutant offspring of a Juicy Couture sweatsuit and a genie — but I suspect, as she gets more famous and attends more events, she’s beginning to feel like there are only about three different options available to her. Which is INSANE to me. I said it about Christina Hendricks and I’ll say it again: Anyone who takes the time and effort to channel creativity into giving these women a KNOCKOUT red carpet moment would be utterly celebrated. But nobody does. And that’s the worst because it leaves Melissa, who is sunny and funny and bright and talented, with having to make tragic choices like this. She is always a toxic melange of bad cuts and awful fabrics, and at the very least, somebody ought to be able to fix ONE of those two things, but why not both? Please give Sookie St. James a hand.

[Photo: Getty]