Unfug or Fab: Felicity Jones


Felicity here is getting that Next Big Thing label on the strength of her work in Like Crazy, which — based on the preview I saw — looks like one of those terribly wrenching indies that makes you want to stay inside the rest of the day drinking hot chocolate and watching something desperately perky like The Holiday or Love, Actually. Which doesn’t mean it won’t be good, just that I need to block off the rest of the day for some emotional repair. Anyway, here is what she wore to a Like Crazy premiere:

I’m not even sure if I don’t like it, but ultimately I do think it’s a bit much. I wonder how it would look if all the stuff from the top of the bodice up to her neck disappeared. Or maybe all the buttons. But then again, she is pulling it off, in kind of a High Fashion Zooey Deschanel way, but without the tights. It’s Friday afternoon. None of us are paying attention at work, right? We’re all searching for Louboutins on eBay or Googling that damn color-blocked DKNY to see if it’s going to go on sale already. So let’s have a little fun playing fantasy stylist, shall we? Nip it, tuck it, rip it… well, I’m not finishing that rhyme. But do have at it in the comments after you vote.

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  1. Stella H.

    yes, to fridays at work! and take out , yes, i agree, all the stuff mucking up her neck to bodice and close the gap at the waist! (and a slightly darker undergarment on top, not black, but deeper whatever. I kinda like the cut-outs at the hip!

  2. Lina

    This is very appealing in a certain 1950s-esque Hollywood glamor way. I would add a better bra to help the shape of the bodice; I’d change the sleeves, possibly to near elbow-length or else do away with them altogether; and I would side-sweep her bangs as much as possible. The bangs, the lace, and the length taken together here verge on twee, but I think making the bangs more elegant would be enough to make it a winner. Great shoes. Perfect makeup.

  3. berryberrykix

    Agree it would be better if the neck-parts were bare or at least all sheer without the buttons and other foof. I’m also wishing away the ankle straps. Perhaps because of the length of the skirt, they’re really stumpifying.

  4. laurie

    I think this dress is gorgeous. I usually agree with you guys, but this one strikes the perfect note to me.

    • Christopher D

      I think she needs a better bra, but I LOVE the dress (and I usually HATE lace dresses, I mean HATEHATE HATE em) but this looks cute, fresh, charming, simple (oddly), on her and I LIKE THE LOOK it a lot. (She looks a wee bit like a young Victoria Principal.)

  5. Bevvie Hedstrom


  6. Mare

    I don’t have any helpful comments but just wanted to note that you guys crack me up REPEATEDLY with the verbage. Case in point: Hark. Any use of hark gets a big thumbs up from me. And: You. Me. Comments Section NOW! Some days I just need my GFY fix.

  7. Mo

    She totally looks like a young J Lo Hew to me.

    • giggleswick

      Ack! My thoughts exactly. Not that she can necessarily help it, but she probably shouldn’t emphasize the similarity. (Sorry not a fan of J Lo Hew) Also, don’t like that the feathers look so much like feathers.

    • reemzies

      The first thing I thought when I saw this was “looks like something J Lo Hew would wear to work in her antique shop on Ghost Whisperer”

  8. (the other) Jessica

    pencil skirt!

  9. Elizabeth

    OMG!! She looks freakishly scary like Taylor Momsen in this one!

  10. Anne B

    They’re making dresses out of Fussy Despair, now?

    Color me surprised.

  11. acbatz

    I will finish that rhyme for you: duck it. Just..giant fluffy ducklings, everywhere. Problem fixed!

  12. susannestyle

    color blocked DKNY dress IS on sale at Neimans! i got one :)

  13. ashley

    I was at this premiere last night at the BFI London Film Festival, she looked stunning in person!

  14. vandalfan

    Too much neckal frou-frou. Lose the wee cap sleeves and just make it a boat neck or tank style top in the self bodice material, or the skirt material. I like the 50′s poodle air about it. I really like the long line of buttons unifying the front.

  15. Ghanimatrix

    Looks like it’s on backwards.

  16. Kelsey A

    I adore her shoes, though. And the little cap sleeves.

  17. JanetP

    I have no idea who she is, and would hate this on anyone else (I’m looking at you, Madonna), but Felicity Jones is totally carrying this off. Love!

  18. bry

    J.Lo.Hew, is that you?

  19. Katharine

    Cute as a button girl in restrained gothic froufrou … I like this. Don’t see a Taylor Momsen resemblance, but would you guess that Felicity is nine years older?

  20. NYCGirl

    The only thing I like is the beading on the skirt. I am so sick of sheer black fabric!! (Yes, to the degree that two exclamation points are needed.)

  21. NYCGirl

    As for who she resembles…Sarah Silverman?

  22. malie

    Love Actually still doesn’t have a comma.

    Oh, the dress though? Mmm… simultaneously way too busy and way too boring.

  23. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT as it is! I wouldn’t change a thing, except for making it longer and in ivory for me to wear it at my wedding! She looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  24. coexxi

    The skirt is ok, but the that much sheer fabric in the top just doesn’t do it for me. I would go less sheer as a solution… but I’m underhelmed with the dress in the first place. The actress looks nice though, never heard of her.

  25. Sam

    I actually really like this dress. Can someone ID it for me?

  26. liaso

    I thought she was cuter at the Mill Valley Film Festival. (Not a premier sort of event, but she was there for a Q & A after the film.) This outfit is too frou-frou for me.

    (P.S. Really good film, but I did find it to be emotionally wrenching. Definitely block time for the hot cocoa – in my case ice cream – afterward. Felicity is very good in the film. The most amazing part is that it is 1.5hrs long, with all the dialogue improved from a 50 page plot and character development outline.)

  27. drewp

    “I was goth country when goth country wasn’t cool”?

    Agree with the above 1) better bra with more perkiness 2) the shoes are gorgeous 3) she’s super super cute 4) a little less show ‘n tell in the boobish area.

    Are those little round pockets at the hips?

  28. Skipperette

    It’s both too much and not enough. It’s the kind of piece that says, “My stylists vision was…” It seems more about the ‘look’ and less about the girl.

  29. Skipperette

    Also, she is a pretty girl, but the dark heavily lined eye and solid bang are too much. There needs to be some dimension or texture involved.

  30. Наращивание волос

    Очень красиво. Жаль, что наращивание волос сделали не так хорощо как хотелось бы.

  31. Cat

    I think if you got rid of the hoo-haa between her neck and the top of her boobs, this would be perfect.

  32. jean

    I have an irrational hate for her. I hate the trailer for this movie. I hate her little face. I hate her little crying voice. I hate her waist high jeans in the trailer. I HATE THIS CHARACTER.

    Phew. I feel better now. I’m sure she’s lovely in person. but this movie can’t be gone and buried fast enough for me.

  33. SomeFashionClout

    Too much black, black everywhere!

  34. Jessica Strong

    If someone took a pair of scissors from shoulder to shoulder and cut out the awful leaf-ribs-choker business, the dress would be just fine. It’s got a lovely retro silhouette and the sheer waist panelling is great. The cap sleeves are adorable. The shoes are fine. Just please, cut off that collar.