Ahoy, weekend! We’ve missed you.

– You probably want to read this chat with the costumer designer from Blossom. Put on your big floppy hat first, obviously. (Refinery29)

– If People is wondering what’s wrong with you, as Lainey points out, SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. (Lainey)

– I shouldn’t laugh — or should I? — but I find it kind of hilarious that some 4-H kids got busted for juicing. Not themselves. Two goats and a hog. (Time)

– This asks a good question: where ARE the male acting powerhouses under 25? (NY Mag)

– I love Design*Sponge’s “Living In” series, and this week’s is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Luckily, you don’t have to be a prostitute to wear that charming sleep mask. (Although I guess technically Audrey isn’t a hooker in the movie the way she is in the book? Who can remember. That movie is A LOT different from the book. Actually, don’t kill me, because I know this opinion is very unpopular, but I kind of hate that movie.)

This Whitney Houston Has A Diva Fight On an Airplane About Her Seatbelt story makes me laugh. Because I keep imagining EVERYONE ELSE on that plane exchanging “can you believe this is happening right now?!?!” looks as it happened. (Celebitchy)

– It’s about time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Here’s some inspiration. (Flavorwire)

– Speaking of Halloween, did you know there are competitive squash growers? And that they’re trying to grow a one-ton pumpkin? Because there are, and they are, and it’s interesting. (Smithsonian)

Make some raspberry cordial for the Diana Barry in your life tonight! (The Hairpin)

- Ooh, then make these homemade Fritos! I’m hungry. (Eating Rules)