Felicity here is getting that Next Big Thing label on the strength of her work in Like Crazy, which — based on the preview I saw — looks like one of those terribly wrenching indies that makes you want to stay inside the rest of the day drinking hot chocolate and watching something desperately perky like The Holiday or Love, Actually. Which doesn’t mean it won’t be good, just that I need to block off the rest of the day for some emotional repair. Anyway, here is what she wore to a Like Crazy premiere:

I’m not even sure if I don’t like it, but ultimately I do think it’s a bit much. I wonder how it would look if all the stuff from the top of the bodice up to her neck disappeared. Or maybe all the buttons. But then again, she is pulling it off, in kind of a High Fashion Zooey Deschanel way, but without the tights. It’s Friday afternoon. None of us are paying attention at work, right? We’re all searching for Louboutins on eBay or Googling that damn color-blocked DKNY to see if it’s going to go on sale already. So let’s have a little fun playing fantasy stylist, shall we? Nip it, tuck it, rip it… well, I’m not finishing that rhyme. But do have at it in the comments after you vote.

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