Unfug It Up: Jayma Mays


I feel like there’s a lot of good happening here:

Those shoes, for example, are the OPPOSITE of boring and I love them — they’re insane, and in general, I’m not into the open-toed bootie, but EVERYTHING about them is so nutty that I think they actually work. Thank you, Brian Atwood, for existing, and BLESS Jayma’s stylist for not putting her in a boring shoe. I want to buy her a cocktail for that. And I actually think this whole look is really INTERESTING. But, despite the fact that both pieces of this look were designed to be worn together, I keep wondering if, in practice, the blouse-y shape of the top is fighting with the interesting waist detail on the skirt — would this have worked better split up, and done with a sleeker top? Or something else? Or do you think it’s perfect as is? Please put on your stylist hat — I’m sure it’s super glam — and weigh in.

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  1. holly

    Burn it & start over.

  2. Maria L.

    I sincerely feel that there’s nothing good happening there.

  3. Jacquilynne

    I think you’ve nailed the main problem — the blouse is fighting with the waistband of the skirt. That could be a fun dress if it was a dress. Say with a relatively slim fitting tank style bodice.

  4. Lizzy

    Home Ec project.

  5. KatB

    Great skirt….bad with that top. There is too much material here, the pink color is okay, but full skirt=sleek top. I personally don’t like the shoes, but appreciate the fashion risk and effort here. Also, needs some jewelry.

  6. Jen S 2.0

    I love the happy colors of the skirt and top, although I think the ensemble would look way er with a top that fits better.

    But those shoes remind me of the time I left a 64-count box of Crayola crayons in the back window of my dad’s brand-new Audi in late July 1979, and they melted together and formed a technicolor wad of wax that was so pretty to me when I was 4, but the memory of which fills me with horror now that I’m an adult paying a car note every month.

    • Jen S 2.0

      *that’s “way better with a top that fits better”

      • Stefanie

        Oh god. My father would have killed me. :)

        • Jen S. 2.0

          Believe me, I’m lucky to be alive.

          (Note that Dad hasn’t forgotten, either. That technicolor wax stayed there in the carpet of the back window until he traded that car in 10 years later. And here it is, on shoes.)

  7. catherine

    The solid colors, the stiff fabric and especially the strange notch in the waistband turn this into paper-doll clothing. Like, “Insert Tab A into Slot B to dress Jayma for the blue carpet!”

  8. Steph

    Interesting shoes….finally!!!

    I say keep the top and shoes but change the silhouette of the skirt to something more fitted at the waist.

    I actually love this outfit because it is so un-boring without being try-hard a la Rita Ora or something.

  9. Deanna

    Too many stiff fabrics. The blousy top would work if it was in a blousy fabric – something thin, that moves and drapes. Silky or like a tissue thin t-shirt.

    Also, seriously, the way the pleats on that skirt stick out is just not good.

    The more i think about it: this whole outfit is bad.

  10. maxameliana

    changes from the waist up – a sleeker shirt and it would help if her hair and makeup weren’t coming from the gym. Great smile, tho!

  11. Nan

    The words “garish” and “ill-fitting” come to mind.

  12. Emily

    Get rid of the awful top and replace it with something sleeker and more subdued but add some fun jewelry. The skirt is mildly awful, the pleats are very harsh. The shoes are fine. But that top looks like someone threw a bottle of Pepto at her and it’s running off her shoulders and collecting at her waist.

  13. Carol

    Whether made to go together or not, the top and skirt look cheaply made … hem and neck seam stitching looks bunchy and poorly sewn … with capable construction, this might have made it.

    • Art Eclectic

      Yeah, I don’t hate those colors together but the whole thing looks really poorly constructed.

      • Liz

        Yep, I agree. I like the idea of this outfit, and she is great looking (love her cute ponytail), but the construction and the way it sits on her is just bad and lumpy.

  14. Cat

    I like all these pieces separately, but I definitely think the shirt and the skirt are fighting right now. A sleeker, more fitter top would work much better.

  15.  fi

    Just needs a little bit of frilly lace piping and its a Disney Princess dress up costume for a four year old girl…..

    • LB

      I didn’t even see this before I posted along the same lines. Great minds think alike!

  16. LB

    It’s like a souped up Snow White costume. It’s the shiny that bothers me too. And the waist. While I appreciate the non boring shoes, I don’t like them either. It’s Monday.

    • Lynne

      That’s exactly what I thought! It looks like an unfinished Disney costume.

  17. Mongerel

    Cartoon is as cartoon does.

  18. Kathleen

    The skirt and shoes I think look great together, but the top has to go. A sleeker silhouette and a deeper color I think would be perfect. The way she wore it here, makes her look like a ten year old in need of a hamburger and milkshake.

  19. TonyG

    I love the color combo. I just think the shirt needs to be more tapered/fitted to her body shape and not so loose. The tuck of the shirt at the waist is wonky because there is too much material. Other than that I am digging the outfit and the shoes.

    • HelenBackAgain

      Agreed, TonyG.

      I’d also like to see her put on some lipstick and a bracelet. But basically, just tailor the top, and this is very cute.

  20. Vandalfan

    The length of the skirt yells 1978 to me. I’d keep the blouse and redo the skirt with about half the material. Oh, yes, NAB, too.

  21. maggie

    I’m in camp “burn it.” She look like a cartoon, and not in a good way. If there is a good way.

  22. Goldfish

    There is so much vague, free-floating Disney vibe to this outfit that it blew me all the way across the park into a Tigger posing for pictures, knocking the head off of his costume and terrifying several small children.

    No. No. No. The only other color connection I make is play-dough. These are not good clothing palettes.

  23. Olivia

    Either a sleeker top with the skirt as is, or the shirt as is, and make the skirt’s waistband a solid piece. Also, it NAB.

  24.  Carolina Girl

    There’s a lot going on and none of it is good.

  25. ringletwraith

    Jessica, did you hit your head or something?

  26. witjunkie

    I dislike those colors together with a white hot hate but since it’s a Smurf thing, OK. I think we have to wait too long before it becomes interesting at the shoes.

  27. Rina

    No. Just….no. There is no good here.

  28. marykate

    I think Jayma and Katy Perry switched premiere outfits. This goofy outfit seems like something Katy would wear. Katy’s outfit looks like Jayma’s usual style.

  29. Shannon

    The shoes are “interesting” only in the way a sculpture made using the artist’s own poop is “interesting.” Those shoes are heinous — as all booties, especially open-toed booties, are — and it hurts me to know that they exist on this planet. Compared to those, the satiny mess Jayma’s wearing is actually halfway decent.

  30. Jeanette

    Needs a fitted tank top in a deeper color, as either it or the makeup is making her washed out. shootlets are “interesting’ (read hideous)

  31. Hannah

    Dear god, shoes have gotten SO BORING that we are now praising fugly pairs just for being interesting. (They ARE…interesting). Sigh, where could we possibly go from here?

  32. Anita

    Has anyone noticed that her color scheme is just like Dora the Explorer? Come on. Vamanos! We can do better than that.

  33. Katharine

    Tailor the waistline of the top so that it tucks in nicely without going all boxy and blousy. Or go to Target and buy a fitted T-shirt the same colour. Tuck it in nicely.

    There. Done.

  34. katy

    this looks like the very first outfit i tried to make for myself, which is to say a complete mess.

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