I feel like there’s a lot of good happening here:

Those shoes, for example, are the OPPOSITE of boring and I love them — they’re insane, and in general, I’m not into the open-toed bootie, but EVERYTHING about them is so nutty that I think they actually work. Thank you, Brian Atwood, for existing, and BLESS Jayma’s stylist for not putting her in a boring shoe. I want to buy her a cocktail for that. And I actually think this whole look is really INTERESTING. But, despite the fact that both pieces of this look were designed to be worn together, I keep wondering if, in practice, the blouse-y shape of the top is fighting with the interesting waist detail on the skirt — would this have worked better split up, and done with a sleeker top? Or something else? Or do you think it’s perfect as is? Please put on your stylist hat — I’m sure it’s super glam — and weigh in.

[Photo: Getty]

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