Jayma Mays

The Disenchanted Premiere MAY Have Had a Costume Dress Code

Nov 17, 2022 by Jessica at 9:00 AM

Kids Choice Fugs and Fabs: The Midriff Brigade

Mar 31, 2014 by Heather at 12:00 PM

What The Fug: Sheers at the Glee 100th Episode Party

Mar 19, 2014 by Heather at 11:00 AM

Unfug It Up: Jayma Mays

Jul 29, 2013 by Jessica at 10:00 AM
I feel like there's a lot of good happening here: Those shoes, for example, are the… Read More »

Fugs and Fabs: The Ryan Murphy Paley Center event

Feb 28, 2013 by Heather at 1:00 PM

SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Glees

Jan 28, 2013 by Heather at 12:30 PM

SAG Awards Unfug It Up: Jayma Mays

Jan 31, 2012 by Heather at 9:30 AM
Here's the thing: If this dress were JUST this, I'd probably be okay with it. It's… Read More »

Fug or Fab: Jayma Mays

Oct 4, 2011 by Jessica at 2:00 PM
Listen, I know this is wacky, and the top half and the bottom half look like they belong to totally… Read More »

Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Jayma Mays

Sep 19, 2011 by Jessica at 2:30 PM
Heather said to me, just now, when I told her I was working on Jayma Mays, "that's what I thought… Read More »

Fug or Fab: Jayma Mays

Aug 12, 2011 by Heather at 12:00 PM
Pros: It's romantic, it fits, it's interesting. Cons: It would be equally at home on the… Read More »

Fugs or Fabs: Jayma Mays

Jul 26, 2011 by Jessica at 8:00 AM
Apparently, Jayma Mays plays Neil Patrick Harris's wife in the Smurfs movie, which I just noticed is also in 3-D,… Read More »

Who Fugged It Better (Or Worse, Or Not At All) at the Emmys: Julie Bowen and Jayma Mays

Aug 31, 2010 by Heather at 9:00 AM
Navy blue was definitely the dominant color on the carpet Sunday night, so I figured, let's compare two versions… Read More »

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