Heather said to me, just now, when I told her I was working on Jayma Mays, “that’s what I thought Dianna Agron would wear,” and I have to say I agree:

I’m sure there is something delightfully princess-y about this dress in person — which would be tempting, in terms of deciding what you wanted to wear —  and it’s certainly very delicate and girly, but but it also could not be any more twee. And Jayma is already playing the Most Twee Character on Television (don’t even get me started on how somehow Glee has managed to both marry her off and keep her a virgin because I am pretty sure that I saw a promo for this season where it is, of course, Mr Schu who manages to awake The Sexual Woman inside her, and just thinking about how those scenes are going to play makes me want to cover my face with my hands. Why is that show so awkward sometimes? I just want to watch sassy kids singing Journey and Sue being mean to people), it might be in her best interest to show up wearing something….you know, grown-up.