This is sort of paralyzing me. I don’t like that I can see her tan lines. I don’t like the fish tail, nor the tulle layer, nor the fact that it feels like a zillion other dresses, nor how I keep wondering what botanical species is growing on her skin. And then there’s her hair, so strangely tall that she’s kind of sporting a Lady Seinfeld. And yet… I can’t bring myself to hate this on Elisabeth Moss — possibly because the clingy cut shows off that she’s got kind of a bangin’ bod, and after being frumpy as Peggy on Mad Men for a while and then her husband Fred Armisen allegedly maybe cheating on her allegedly maybe with Abby Elliott, I want only good things for her. Help me, Fug Nation. Peel back the layers of my bias like an onion.

But not a very big onion, because then we'll cry, and no one wants that.

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  • This is mad middling (46%, 4,218 Votes)
  • This is mad fug (18%, 1,635 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,152

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And just for fun, let’s see how she fared at some other parties from this past week. Spoiler: There is more clingyness.