Apparently, Jayma Mays plays Neil Patrick Harris’s wife in the Smurfs movie, which I just noticed is also in 3-D, because why make a movie in Regular D when it could be in 3-D? (3-D gives me a headache, and apparently, so do The Smurfs. They just make me so smurfy. ARGH. SEE? They’re inescapable even when you don’t like them.  Gargamel, take me away.)

This is…not bad? I mean, it’s not offensive. It seems a bit to me like she shortened it from the original, though, which kind of makes it look like something you’d expect to see on one of the lesser girls from The Hills — she’s all strapless AND legs AND shiny AND bright, and as much as I hate to be all, “darling, are you a REALITY SHOW HANGER-ON, or a movie staaaar?”, if she gave herself a couple more inches in the skirt, I think she might have looked a little more movie star and a little less like someone who might be standing next to Spencer Pratt on Spencer For Hire, his new reality show on OWN, where he goes from Hollywood club to Hollywood club, trying to get someone to give him a job (note: I just made that up. It is not a real show. SPENCER, DON’T GET ANY IDEAS).

On the other hand, it could be worse:

Is THIS the worse it could be? I ask you.

I unabashedly like the shirt. I can not endorse high-waisted pleated shorts, even if I enjoy the sort of 60s Gidget vibe she’s trying for.  Also: every time I see someone wearing a platform heel with shorts, I think  of Jessica Simpson. It’s not Jayma’s fault, nor is it the fault of her shoes, but…these things can not be denied. And so I am sure it surprises none of you when I note that I really, really wish she’d worn that top with a pencil skirt.

Your turn!

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  • I love the first and hate the second. (16%, 1,284 Votes)
  • I love the second and hate the first. (16%, 1,296 Votes)
  • Both are SO CLOSE. I have notes, which I shall give in the comments. (25%, 2,025 Votes)
  • Terrible all around. (35%, 2,800 Votes)

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