Navy blue was definitely the dominant color on the carpet Sunday night, so I figured, let’s compare two versions of it that were perhaps the most closely related to each other. Do I know how to show a nation a good time, or what?!? Right.

First up: Julie Bowen.

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals
In our live-blog for New York magazine, I decided I liked Jane Krakowski’s froofy navy gown better than this one, and I still feel that way in the harsh light of this Tuesday morning. Jane’s put the “crack” in “Krakowski,” sort of, but it also fit better and seemed to understand itself more than this one does. I want to slap this gown onto a therapist’s couch and be all, “But how do you really feel,” and then two hours later, it will have confessed to me that the dippy neckline represents a rebellion against it’s mother’s tyranny, and that it broke out in frowning hip ruffles because it’s afraid to love.
Next: Jayma Mays.

62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

The ding on this is, for me, that it feels familiar — like the cousin to a dress we’ve seen two or three times before, which isn’t the most ideal reaction to your red carpet appearance. But this is so pretty on her, and the ruffles seem purposeful as opposed to the random explosions on Julie Bowen’s midsection, like she got shot with a fabric gun. So of these two thematically similar navy gowns, I prefer Jayma’s. Also, the accessories and her awesome hair cap it off beautifully — in my head, that’s what my hair looks like, which is amusing given that mine is neither that color nor straight, nor bouncy, nor shiny. But that’s what a fantasy life is for, right? I mean, if your hair doesn’t look good in your daydreams, what hope is there?