Listen, I know this is wacky, and the top half and the bottom half look like they belong to totally different outfits, and I REALLY wish she were wearing different shoes (funkier, to pull the whole thing together — or boots, even, if you want to be really on the nose), but I still think it’s kind of cute:

I don’t know. Maybe all the plaid has hypnotized me.

You make the call:

  • The whole thing is cute. (53%, 7,699 Votes)
  • The whole thing is a hot, hot mess. (11%, 1,568 Votes)
  • SCROLLDOWN. The top half is charming, the bottom half looks like she feel into a Herve Leger overstock bin. (27%, 3,848 Votes)
  • Scroll UP. The top half is ridiculous! (9%, 1,284 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,399

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Tags: Jayma Mays