Did we tell you that story about how we went to Fashion Week in September, and not only did WE not recognize Victoria Justice in the front row of Badgley Mischka until too late, NO ONE else realized who she was, either? That moment was not nearly as exciting as the one time we thought we spied Gwyneth Paltrow and it turned out to be a dude, but it still made me worry that perhaps I was no longer a Fug Girl, but rather a Fug Crone — too old to know What the Kids Are Up To, Get Off My Lawn, Etc, Etc. In fairness, I think I thought she would look more like Nina Dobrev in person, but she really does not. Nor does she here:

When I WAS a Kid (presumably cavorting on the lawn of some old crone who didn’t even know who Ian Ziering was), I had the top of this dress. It was a bathing suit and it connected — with buttons! It was the very late 80s! — to a similarly pink and black bottom. I wore it through many a summer day in the pool working on my synchronized swimming routines with my friend Jennifer (note: in 1988, everyone’s best friend was named Jennifer, even girls who were themselves named Jennifer. It is therefore very weird to me that, in about fifty years,  “Jennifer” is going to be an Old Lady Name, like Gertrude). So I have some fondness for this look, but I don’t actually think it WORKS — and that is despite my well-documented fondness for dressing like a Valentine. What do you think, Fug Nation? How do we fix this?