Remember when KimKard went bowling wearing this, and I asked you to named the title of her self-penned romance novel? Sure you do!

A round of applause for our five winners:

The Rear-End of Innocence (a cheeky romp through the classics)
He Loves Me Knot: the True Story between Me and My Kredit Kard
The Paparazzo’s Fervid Viktim
Thar She Bowls: Kaptain Fanny’s Lucky Strike
Nicole B.:
Katching Kandida: A tale of piracy, love, and a wicked yeast infection.
Are you a winner? Congrats — and check your email for details on how to collect your awesome prize, Sarah Wendell’s Everything I Know About Love, I Learned From Romance Novels. Thanks to all who entered, as this was a PARTICULARLY difficult choice.