Unfug It Up: Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried has great hair, gorgeous eyes, and beautiful skin, and I think she’s pulling off this color.

But the dress itself isn’t… sophisticated enough for me. The fabric looks like what your mom would dig up to make a skirt for your Barbie, and the design is basically a corset with a dust-ruffle attached, like a fifteen-year old’s homemade party dress — or Prom couture from some early 2000 teen flick starring Melissa Joan Hart, where her part is a zig-zag and she’s got a bunch of clips in her hair. My question to you is, can it be salvaged? Does it need a more thoughtful ending? A less sharp fabric, or a less screaming hue? My temptation is to scrap it all, but landfills are taxed as it is, so let’s try and recycle. For instance, Joan Collins could cut out the boobs and stuff them atop her shoulders under a blazer.

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. Cindy

    Feels like the proportions are wrong. Lift up the drop waist. In the photo the skirt shape or material seems flimsy and gives the dress a cheap feeling. Maybe this is better in person?

  2. Lils

    Switch out the white bits for the same red, and remove that belt, so it looks smoother and more sophisticated and less cheap. So jealous of her hair…

  3. Jasmine

    Now all I can think about are the zig zag parts with sparkly clips I used to rock in grade 8. Aaaaah, to be a kid.

    • Elfrieda

      And I just want to see this dress on MJH now. With a ziz-zag part and lots of hair clips, of course.

  4. Jill

    Make it into a full-on corset and wear it for the man in her life. In the privacy of the bedroom of course.

  5. Siobhán

    You can fix this in 1 minute: Unzip, put on different dress. Voila!

  6. Deanna

    I think all it needs is a less shiny fabric, and a smoother/more tailored transition from the bodice to the skirt. That little ruffle at the seam (plus the weirdo not-belt at the waist) is bringing the whole thing down.

    • Cora

      I’m with Lils and Deanna on this one: the color is fine. Make it all one color, lose the bustier seams, and use a less starchy fabric.

      • epigirl

        I agree that the transition ruffle is bad. I think if it were more of an a-line silhouette it wouldn’t be so offensive.

  7. Carolina Girl

    Her shoes are pretty.

  8. Scouse Helen

    Even Joanie can’t save this one. What was Amanda thinking? Aren’t designers queuing up to give her pretty dresses?

  9. Lucille Austero

    She looks like a saloon dancer, and not a very expensive one at that. Not fixable.

  10. Jacquilynne

    I was at a student fashion show recently and found myself whispering to the person sitting next to me, “*I* can put in a zipper better than that.” And I don’t sew well.

    That’s the overall impression I get from this dress. Look at the way that top is joined to the skirt! It’s hideous, and it looks like the seam is turned the wrong way out. Plus, the gathering is just awful and uneven.

    I think the first and foremost way to save this dress would be to wrench it from the hands of the beginner sewing class at the local continuing education center and have it sewn by an actual professional. Then we can talk about architectural details that end suddenly at a waistline that’s badly placed.

  11. Sandra

    Workmanship IS important, but no amount of professional attention is gonna make that thing look like anything other than the staff uniforms at Miss Kitty’s Place.

    This belongs in the same circle of hell as “formal shorts”. Underwear goes UNDER the real clothes, people. What one does at home is one’s business, but out of the house, especially at public events, put.some.damn.clothes.on!

  12. Carol

    She’s working the color, so keep that but on another dress altogether … shoes look cheap.

  13. Becca

    Remove the underboob white lines and make the others go the whole way down the dress. Get rid of the drop waist and make it look like one solid piece.

  14. jerkygirl

    Maybe it’s a case of the actual person looking so great that they elevate the dress, but. . .I kind of like this. I feel like I should hate it, and I usually don’t like “underwear-as-outerwear” type dresses, but I can’t fug it. At all. And it appears I’m alone in this. Maybe my fugger’s broken or sick today? I even like the gold shoes and I don’t like gold anything usually!!! WTH universe did I wake up in today?

  15. Jen S 2.0

    Make it a top and a pencil skirt and I might be on board. The flouncy skirt is too girlish for such a sexy top.

  16. TonyG

    It’s too boob-cone-y. Would be better without the ivory strips.

  17. Tamburlaine

    Um, I’d ditch the whole thing – there’s too much to change. The contrast strips need to go (they make it look like underwear), the dust-ruffle skirt needs to go, and the material needs to be different.

    On the plus side, Seyfried is gorgeous, and her clutch and shoes are lovely.

  18. Elaine

    honestly, i think the color is great (she is SO pretty) and that if the skirt started from the little belty thing and just made a general A-line shape from there, this would be fab. my biggest issues with the dress all start below the belty thing. (for which i have no better term)

  19. Tamara Grant

    Make her really look like a Barbie princess! Shorten the hem a few inches, and flounce it out with layers of tulle… Give her a thin white patent belt and dainty stacked heels, maybe also white or gold. Hair loosely up, small ladylike gold or white patent clutch. Slim gold necklace and more prominent but simple gold earrings.

  20. Lily1214

    The shiny fabric looks cheap and so does the color. A different fabric would look better. . . some colors can’t help it. They just don’t look expensive when used in garments.

  21. sonia

    I would do a non-shiny shoe and it would be better if the fabric were matte as well.

  22. Mary

    Get rid of the drop waist, make it strapless, add shoes in a more interesting color (blue?) and maybe more interesting jewelry.

    • Mary

      Oh and when I said get rid of the drop waist I meant bring the waist up to well…her waist! Honestly I haven’t seen much of the drop waist trend on dresses that I like.

  23. Lori

    this is terrible. start over. Keep Amanda and build from there…

  24. DebMoore

    I like it, however I graduated High School in 1995, so I can not be trusted!

  25. Nicole

    Different shoes, different fabric. Something much less shiny. Otherwise, I think I like this.

  26. Helen

    Love the color, it just needs to be a totally different dress in every other way. But keep the color!

    Accessories, hair and makeup are perfection.

  27. dietcokeho

    everything would be fixed if she wore a golden sandal heel and not those darn things
    also would have been a better idea to not have a drop waist, and brought up the hem, but maybe she has chubby knees and trying to hide em?

  28. Vandalfan

    Cover it with a jacket, the longer the better. Add boots.

  29. Popcouver

    Are you thinking of the movie “Drive Me Crazy”? Because I may or may not be able to recite the entire thing….

    As for the dress, the contrast, the fabric, and the waistline have got to go. I’d do it all in a white cotton with an empire waist… and wear it to a garden party or something?

  30. Verlaine

    I feel like it’s a half-assed Japanese Lolita style look she’s got going there. I’d say either go whole hog for the Lolita by adding some white lace on the skirt and straps, throwing on some opera gloves and a little bow in her hair, or jettison the corset thing on the top and make it into a solid print sundress.

  31. Verlaine

    Oh, and I hate the shoes.

  32. Chrissy

    I like the color and I don’t even mind the fabric even though it is a bit on the cheap side. I think it’s the corset. A corset is a stand alone piece, not a part of a dress unless it’s under your other clothes. And one has to be careful when wearing a corset that it doesn’t start to look like a saloon girl costume and this outfit is on the verge.

  33. Sajorina

    What’s there to change? I think the dress is absolutely beautiful the way it is and I love it! And her hair, makeup & accessories… FLAWLESS! FAB!!!

  34. Justin

    Maybe by putting an attractive dress over what is obviously underclothing of some kind?

  35. Esme

    Salvaging the boob part for shoulder pads is the only thing to be done.