I’ll be honest: I have no idea if I really think this is so hot.

The netting effect is cool,  but I can’t really tell what’s happening in the boobular area. But it doesn’t matter. It’s like a cake made in Jon Hamm’s image compared to what she wore earlier in the night to the Skyfall premiere:

I am speechless. This outfit is what would happen if Las Vegas were overtaken by witches. But that’s not the only trick up her sleeve-window. Check it:

Once she lifts away the see-through caftan, it reveals that there is ANOTHER see-through layer underneath it. She double-trended us. It’s a bi-parency. It’s a transpluralicy. It’s a pretzel of fug. I’m trying to uncurl it and I can’t tell if it’s cunning, subversive genius, or… wait, no, forget it. It’s just terrible.

[Photos: Getty]