There was a time when I thought everything Solange wore was a carnival of no. And then I got a crush on her crazyness, and then she started turning it out and I fell in love. So I freely admit that I don’t know what to do with this one — I’ve concerned I’ve landed in a place where I want to love everything she does, but I’m not sure it’s always earned.

For sure there are some boob pancakes happening. And I miss her hair. But this is unusual and that zig-zag purse is sassy, like if Charlie Brown went to therapy and/or discovered Jagermeister. Am I crazy for thinking she’s pulling off this thing? Have I contracted some kind of Solange flu?

Please advise:

  • You're crazy (14%, 864 Votes)
  • If you're crazy, then I'm crazy too, because it totally works for me (50%, 3,207 Votes)
  • You're a LITTLE crazy, and a little sane. (36%, 2,283 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,355

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