Amanda Seyfried has great hair, gorgeous eyes, and beautiful skin, and I think she’s pulling off this color.

But the dress itself isn’t… sophisticated enough for me. The fabric looks like what your mom would dig up to make a skirt for your Barbie, and the design is basically a corset with a dust-ruffle attached, like a fifteen-year old’s homemade party dress — or Prom couture from some early 2000 teen flick starring Melissa Joan Hart, where her part is a zig-zag and she’s got a bunch of clips in her hair. My question to you is, can it be salvaged? Does it need a more thoughtful ending? A less sharp fabric, or a less screaming hue? My temptation is to scrap it all, but landfills are taxed as it is, so let’s try and recycle. For instance, Joan Collins could cut out the boobs and stuff them atop her shoulders under a blazer.

[Photo: Getty]