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Met Ball Well Played: Maggie Gyllenhaal

I know the dog collar feels like something of a paltry ode to costume punk.

But you know what? This is great on her, and yes, I say that even knowing she’s got a little sideboob poking out. Maggie looks sexy and confident in it, which is a refreshing change for her lately, and the pixie cut is utterly perfect with it. Maybe she’s getting lucky and I’m just too exhausted from everybody else to raise a strenuous objection, or maybe I’m grading on a curve based on her last couple outfits. But I’m going to stand by myself here. And then maybe give myself a shoulder rub, because damn, those suckers are starting to burn.

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Fug Upon A Time

I think possibly every person in the background of this photo — be it amusedly or with flinty awkwardness — is thinking some version of the following:  “WHAT? NO.”

I mean, the horribly fit top, the wrinkles, the Frowny Groinparts… Even the baby is averting her eyes. Clever girl.

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Well Played, Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson is in a new movie directed by Danny Boyle, and they themselves just broke up, so I like to think this is her Eat Your Heart Out dress.

I suspect it’s working.

The front isn’t as deliciously divatastic as the back, sadly, but that’s probably for the best. It’s often cooler and classier to make one statement instead of several.

and what is that statement?


Oscars Fug Carpet: Mena Suvari

Last year, Mena Suvari infamously wore the bird flu to the Oscar parties, and not only was she Fug Nation’s worst dressed, but Jessica and I put her on People magazine’s worst list too.

This year it’s like she said, “Screw it. I’m not even taking off my robe to get dressed.”

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Oscars Fug Carpet: Judy Greer

I enjoy Judy Greer in pretty much everything she’s ever done.

Except for this. She looks like a meditation-through-art therapist at a senior center who threw this on at the last minute, because she forgot about Clyde and Mary-Mae’s special Valentine’s Week nursing home production of Rent.

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Oscars Fug/Fab Face-Off: Sally Field vs Hilary Swank

It seems… at best remiss that Valentino dressed one of tonight’s Oscar nominees in something HUGELY similar to what it gave a 90210 alum. … Okay, fine, Hilary Swank is also a two-time Oscar winner, but we all know Former Steve Sanders Love Interest is what’s going on her tombstone.

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