First of all: Dianna’s eyes look AMAZING here. The color is so arresting — I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed them before. Way to have enviable genetic material, sister:

Second: the top of this gown in all its many laser-cut-swan glory, is sort of fascinating. It’s like the more intricate and slightly creepiest homemade Valentine ever, like if your child brought this home from school for you, you’d send her out to play and and then stare it in front of the refrigerator thinking, “either my child is a genius or a budding sociopath. What ARE we going to have for dinner?!”

Let’s see the whole thing, shall we?

I desperately wish the skirt weren’t ALSO Laser-Cut Swanville, because I am a little concerned that the Excessive Crazy on the bottom, as interesting as it is, is distracting from the legitimately fascinating crazy on the top. Everyone knows a crazy dress divided against itself can not stand.

All the being said, I'm not mad at it. What about you?

  • I'm FURIOUS. This is TERRIBLE. (10%, 1,258 Votes)
  • I'm mildly irked. This could be better. (61%, 7,507 Votes)
  • I couldn't be more in love with it! (29%, 3,641 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,409

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