I love this picture.

The two dudes behind Nicole Kidman probably didn’t even register with each other, but in the photo, it looks like they had a “One, two, three, BREAK” mind-meld where they decided to photobomb her at the same time (that, or they’re caught in the tractor beam of their shared gaze and cannot help but come together on the course of true love). Of course, I also love this photo because Nicole looks freaking spectacular. So beautiful. I like to imagine that the dress is a carefully hidden message that, when translated by rune, says, “Hey, Tom, how’s that Holmes & Yang thing going for you guys, HAHAHAHA.” Because while Nicole Kidman does not strike me as juvenile, I do think it’d be hard to resist the temptation to gloat in code. That is, as long as you’re sure he won’t use some L. Ron Hubbard magic to counter with a rejoinder about Just Go With It, which I saw on my sickbed and which was a shame festival. Her aura probably needed this gorgeous outing to cleanse itself.

[Photo: Getty]