Rooney Mara’s hair is growing on me. It’s still a bit harsh on her,  but she’s finding ways to work with it that don’t involve crazy-ass makeup and which bring out her eyes:

The dress itself is cool, too. Yet also somehow boring to me — not on its own merits, bust just because my vague takeaway from Rooney’s other Dragon Tattoo looks is that she did a lot of stuff with flashes of skin, and a lot of darkness. Specifically, it reminds me of this look. So even though I like it on her — I couldn’t find a photo in our subs that showed the silver peep-toes she neatly paired with it — I also kept wanting to beg her to wear a color. Just once. Surprise me. Knock me out of my socks, and then launder them and put them back on because my feet are cold. You get the gist.

So did she, apparently:

Slow clap, Rooney. You did way better this weekend than the “Rooney” half of your NFL legacy (although the “Mara” part represented just fine). This red dress is lovely, but more importantly, it’s striking — the primness of the cut and the lace plays against the rough-and-tumble choppy bangs in a way that’s both smart and indelible. I’m going to remember this, which is saying something, because my mind is a sieve and I’m sick, so I can barely remember what I did yesterday, or where I am. What site is this? Go Drug Yourself? Done. Pass the NyQuil.

[Photos: Splash News]

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