Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses, part eleventy-thousand:

They are by Oliver Peoples, and if you have $400 or so lying around, they can be yours. Get to steppin’. Which Jennifer is doing here, in what was a very confusing sequence of events for me. She arrived at Letterman wearing this really foxy red tank dress, in shoes that are sexier than the ones she wore the other day and MILES AND MILES better-fitted to her foot. Even with how it’s meant to look like her chest is straining the fabric and giving us a peek, I think it’s fabulous on her, and that we should all be blessed to look like this while we’re getting ourselves around town.

And THEN she changed into this outfit for Letterman: A black dress and a white coat and gold shoes. So I don’t know where this perfectly foxy ensemble went, but it didn’t end up on-stage, and it didn’t LEAVE on her body either:

Jennifer Lawrence

As she tripped her way OUT of Letterman — this is her bodyguard catching her; big props to you, sir (and DOUBLE props because it’s since been revealed that J.Law didn’t trip at all, but in fact the fans started to bum-rush the barricades and he was whisking her to safety) — she MIGHT be in the same black dress from the show but with the first outfit’s black coat. Maybe? But she IS sporting an entirely NEW pair of shoes that are extremely, extremely hot. Her shoe game in all three is actually enviable, so maybe she just had all this awesome footwear science to drop on us and simply could not wait for another event. I get it. I might not, either. RELEASE THE KRAKEN.

Speaking of which, sort of, we missed a Lawrence pic from a Mockingjay after party, so here that is for your pleasure:

Jennifer Lawrence in Mulger by David Koma

It’s by something called Mulger by David Koma, and it looks a bit like a Versace knockoff with low-thread-count sheets.

[Photos: Splash]