It is uncomfortably apt that Selena is promoting a movie right now called Rudderless, what dumping her management and then vacillating on dumping Justin Bieber, and also her style:

Doesn’t this feel kind of unmoored? Most of her red carpet outfits of late feel very much like the act of a person who doesn’t know what the hell to do anymore: “Here, take this, I’m sure it’ll be fine. I have to go sync my iPhone or something.” This is straight from the High and Tight School of Let’s Hope This Is Foolproof, and in the end, it’s TOO high and TOO tight and too Boobs Legsly. She just looks like one of the cheerleaders for Satan’s newest AFL team. The 5th Circle Beezleballs are going up in the championship game against the 8th Circle Lucifirst Downs, and it’s probably going to be — wait for it — a real scorcher.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]