So, I thought maybe I’d fallen down and banged my head, because when I saw Carey in this dress at the Film Critics’ Circle awards in London, I knew I’d just seen her in it somewhere else, with different shoes, even though that seemed a bit bizarre and unorthodox. Yet The Daily Mail thoughtfully proved me sane.

Leaving for a moment how endearing it is that she loved anything enough to wear it twice in quick succession — most starlets would die, no? Even our girl Emma Stone probably would never — I did think the black shoes felt a little heavy for a springy Valentine’s Day-ish tulip dress, although I’m not sure if the heavy blue shoes are better or just different. Heavy is heavy, you know? It’s a lot of dress and a lot of shoe without much of a vacation in between. Further, I keep wondering if it would be cuter as a halter without the geometric sleeves. Or with the geometric sleeves, but without the choker. I definitely like it better with the champagne, unless I’m just projecting that I would ALSO like some champagne.

What say ye?

  • Love it this way! (22%, 1,722 Votes)
  • Love it with the black shoes (13%, 998 Votes)
  • Love it with some other to-be-named-later pair of shoes (22%, 1,746 Votes)
  • No shoe can save it (36%, 2,778 Votes)
  • I have notes. (7%, 537 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,781

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