So, Kristen Wiig has this part pretty much down pat.

Okay, except for Chokergate 2012 — and yes, I know that adding “gate” to things is supposed to be tired and sad, but I’ve decided that for me it never will be; you can call it Gategate, if you like — Kristen pretty much always looks lovely from the neck up, because she is lovely, and she is smart enough not to monkey with what works.

However, from the neck down I sometimes get fug-induced rage blackouts. I could not hate the rest of this outfit more:

I mean, I really, really hate it:

It’s a wrinkled red capri jumpsuit with orange shoes and a bodice that makes one of her nipples look like it’s being twisted. It’s not flattering to her pelvis and it’s really not flattering to her groin. It’s a bad sign when she’s better-dressed as Mindy “Secret Word” Grayson than as herself. Perhaps the next secret word should be “stylist.”

[Photo: Getty]