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NYFug.com: Best and Worst of the Golden Globes Red Carpet (Kinda)

More like, the most interesting of the red carpet. For example:

“We love how much Sandra Bullock has spun the color wheel lately, but this looks like the decor at a baby shower where nobody knows the kid’s gender yet and they’re kind of annoyed about it.”

For more sassy short-takes, check out our piece at The Cut! And if you didn’t watch the red carpet yesterday, feel free to read (or revisit) our liveblog!


NYFug.com: The Best, Worst, & Sheerest Fashion Moments of 2013

It’s time for our annual round-up of the best and worst red carpet looks of the entire year. Including:

” Biggie and Tupac might concur with [Miley's] “PLEASE STOP” message, because surely they’re rolling in their respective graves over being resurrected on her ass, and somewhere in 1996, Gwen Stefani is real pissed someone stole her signature look.”

Check out all our picks — good, bad, ugly, and uglier — over on The Cut!


NY Fug.com: The Fug Girls Rate Long-Haired Male Movie Manes

This might be my favorite column of the year so far. Because it’s all about dudes with long-hair and how luxurious that long hair is and it also includes a joke that I have been waiting perhaps my entire writing life to make. No, I’m not going to tell you which joke that is. You just need to figure it out on your own. Anyway, the column includes bits like the following:

Michael J. Fox, Teen Wolf (1985)

Is It Necessary? Absolutely, for only with realism can we understand the struggles of the high school werewolf.

Is It Flattering? Only according to people with very specific fetishes.

Is It Luxurious? It might be soft, at least? But it also might smell like wet dog.

Overall Gloriousness: 9. This is commitment at its finest; bonus points for the fact that Michael J. Fox spent a lot of the movie in a tank top and shorts and thus also a hirsute suit.

Read all about it — and surely argue about it in the comments — over at Vulture!


NY Fug.com: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest From the 2013 CMA Awards

In addition to our exhaustive CMAs coverage here, we tackled the red carpet for The Cut, handing out superlatives like leftover Halloween candy. You want an example? You get an example:

Worst Mullet (Which Is Saying Something at the CMAs): Laura Bell Bundy. This would have been far more successful if it had just committed to being a mini-dress – or at least made an attempt to be more than a skirt with a cape. On the other hand, the awkwardly deployed high-low situation here at least distracts from the fact that she appears to be using the clear plastic loops designed to attach her dress to its hangers as spaghetti straps.

This, and so much more happened last night. Read all about it at The Cut!


NY Fug.com: Emmys Emmys Emmys

We picked some of last night’s most noteworthy looks, and chatted about them for The Cut. For example:

“As is, though, we wish she’d blown us away with something a tad less ambitious, and left this at our house so we could put our feet on it while we type.”

About whom did we say that? Read all of it here!

ALSO, relive our live-blog of the entire red carpet — or, as we called it, Ryan Seacrest’s Sausage Fest — here!

Major Emmy coverage to come all over GFY, as well. REVENGE! Wait, wrong post. EMMYS!


The Emmys Live-Blog Is ON!

Please join us for the red carpet live-blog extravaganza over at Vulture! Do it. We’re waiting for you. Get on over there. Go. GO!


NY Fug.com: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest from Fashion Week

Behold, our Fashion Week wrap-up post, where we share all the tid-bits we couldn’t share earlier, and decide who looked best, who looked worst, the full story of that time we almost got kicked out of Tommy Hilfiger, and whose mustache was the most horrifying:

“It’s a runaway win for Justin Bieber’s new mustache, which really just looks like the landing spot for his eyebrow droppings. We imagine him grooming it carefully in front of the mirror with a My Little Pony mane-and-tail comb.”

Get the whole scoop at The Cut!