TAMI TAYLOR WAS HERE. You can see me in this photo, too, all pale and tragic. And I am only telling you that because if you look at me, all serious and frowny in the upper left corner staring down and away, it’s because I am in the act of fervently tweeting a photo of Tami Taylor to Fug Nation with a lot of all-caps squealing. And knowing that is what’s happening makes me laugh very hard. Everyone else is behaving and I am typing, “THE BACK OF HER HEAD IS GREAT Y’ALL.”


– Did I mention we saw Tami Taylor? We did, and lots of other people swooned, too. Bridget Moynahan never stood a chance.

– Sam Claflin, a.k.a. the guy playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, is REALLY cute. And nice, and he loves Jennifer Lawrence.

– We saw a whole lot of what nature gave Katharine McPhee at the DVF show.

Angela Bassett is seriously amazing-looking, we learned (anew) at Tracy Reese.

– The photographers at DKNY got all punny with Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars.

This is not Emma Stone at Christian Siriano, but she is probably okay with you thinking it might have been.

Shailene Woodley gives out hugs to strangers. It is the most surprising, nice thing.

We almost didn’t recognize Carrie Diaries villainess Donna LaDonna, but thank God we did, because she talked to us about shoes.

Nigel Barker talked to us about Naomi Campbell. But he could’ve said anything and we still would’ve stood there hypnotized.

– No real spoilers here, I promise: It was apocalyptic at Project Runway, where eight anonymous collections (many of them wretched) were shown and no speculation on winners is possible. However, we can speculate on whether the show will stick around, and if Sammi Sweetheart’s presence is any indication, End Times are nigh.