The only thing frustrating about a slow start to Fashion Week is the fact that we had spare time we couldn’t spend writing blog posts, because the site was malfunctioning. ALAS. However, we hope most of the kinks have been ironed out, and now we can share with you all that we beheld on Day One:

– At Honor, we briefly chatted with the delightful Uzo Aduba of Orange Is The New Black, who has the opposite of crazy eyes. She has Sane Eyes. She’s lovely.

BCBG is where we laid eyes on Jamie Chung’s hilarious fringed poncho, which Alexis Carrington Colby totally would’ve bought on a business trip to New Mexico or something.

We chatted with Jay Pharoah from Saturday Night Live, and agreed we’re starting a wig business together. It’s going to be great. He also shared with me that his e-mail address — years ago, in Chesapeake, VA, was “[email protected],” which is tremendous when said aloud.

[Photos: Getty]